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Wake Up

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"Wake Up" is a first-person horror game in an abandoned town in the dead of night. The player awakens in the middle of the town square, disoriented and alone. The surrounding buildings are all boarded up and have long been abandoned. However, as the player tries to piece together what happened, they soon realize they are not alone.

A creature stalks the empty streets, a being that is unable to see but can hear the slightest sounds. It has become hyper-attuned to the player's movements, and the slightest misstep can lead to certain doom. The player must avoid and evade the creature's detection at all costs.

"Wake Up" aims to collect seven notes scattered throughout the town, each with a cryptic message hinting at something much darker. As the player progresses through the game and collects the notes, the creature becomes increasingly aggressive and difficult to avoid. Its unnerving presence is felt constantly as its haunting footsteps echo through the deserted streets.

To add to the game's intensity, the player cannot enter any of the buildings in the town, leaving them exposed and vulnerable to the creature's pursuit. The only refuge available is the occasional hiding spot scattered throughout the environment, but these are not guaranteed to keep the player safe.

With stunning graphics and a haunting soundtrack, "Wake Up" is a genuinely immersive horror game that will keep players on the edge of their seats. Will you be able to collect all seven notes and escape the town? Or will you succumb to the creature's deadly grasp and be trapped forever in this nightmare?